Coromandel Enclave


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1. Can you please give me more information about your project? Where is it located?
Our project Coromandel Enclave is located at Uppilipalayam close to Singanallur, Coimbatore. Kamaraj road is a connecting road between Avinashi Road (Hope College Stop) to Trichy Road (Singanallur Bus Stand) our project Coromandel Enclave is located at Srinivasa Garden Extension behind Aloft Hotel which is the center point of Kamraj Road.

• 2 mins – 0.5 km from Aloft Hotel
• 5 mins - 1 km from NGR Memorial School
• 7 mins – 2 km from ESI Hospital
• 8 mins – 2.5 Km from Tidel Park
• 8 mins - 3 km from Singanallur Bus stand
• 9 mins - 4 km from PSG College of Technology
• 13 mins - 6 km from Coimbatore Airport
• 15 mins - 8 km from Coimbatore Railway Station
• 17 mins - 12 km from Gandhipuram Bus Stand

2. What is the total area of the project?
The Total land extent of the project is 2.51 acres.
3. What type of development is planned?
We offer you two different types of Villaments (i.e., Triplex & Duplex) and Apartments.
4. What is the concept of Villament?
Villaments have been conceptualized keeping in mind the comfort and accessibility provided by the apartments as well as the superfluity of a villa. The theory behind villaments has been to provide the same luxuries as in a villa and yet retain the flavor of coziness provided by an apartment.
5. What are the types of Villaments available?
We offer you 2 different types of Villaments (3 BHK Triplex & Duplex) ranging between 2793 sq. ft. to 3893 sq. ft.

Triplex - 18 Units
Duplex - 18 Units

Total No. of Villaments: 36 Units

6. What is meant by Triplex & Duplex?
Triplex means, a building divided into three self-contained residences. In our project, 4 Triplex Villaments will comes under 1 block. Each Triplex Villament comprises of a stilt garden with a lounge in the ground floor, Living, Dining, Kitchen & a Bedroom in the 1st floor and another two Bedrooms & a living space in the 2nd floor. All these three floors are connected internally through a staircase. Duplex means, a building divided into two self-contained residences. In our project, 4 Duplex villaments will comes under 1 block. Each Duplex Villament comprises of a Living, Dining, Kitchen & a Bedroom in the 3rd floor and another two Bedrooms & a living space in the 4th floor. These two floors are connected internally through a staircase.
7. What are the types of apartments available?
We offer you 4 different types of apartments like Studio, 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK & 3 BHK ranging between 533 sq. ft. to 1968 sq. ft.

Total No. of Apartments: 64 Units (16 units / floor X 4 floors)

8. What is meant by 2.5 BHK?
Normally 2.5 BHK means 2 bed room, hall, kitchen and a room half the size of the normal bedroom, but in our project it is a 3 BHK apartment which consist of 1 attached toilet in the Master Bedroom & 1 common toilet for another 2 bedrooms. All the 3 bed rooms are bigger enough and almost equivalent in size.
9. Does this project come under the CMDA limits or DTCP limits? Have you got the approval for developing the residences?
Our project comes under the DTCP (Directorate of Township Country Planning) limits. We have already got the approval and the approval no is 10/2014.
10. Do you have club house in the Coromandel Enclave? What are the Amenities & Facilities offered?
Yes we do have a Club house in our Coromandel Enclave.

Club House consist of
• Gym
• Indoor Games
• Multipurpose Hall
• Convenient Store

Other Amenities
• Amphitheatre
• Swimming pool
• Badminton Court
• Children’s Play Area
• Cricket – Nets

Other Facilities
• 8 – Passenger Automated Lifts
• Water treatment Plant
• Power Backup for Lifts, Water Pump & common Area Lightning

11. What about the maintenance of the apartments?
The company will be maintaining the project for the first one year from the date of announcement of Handing Over. After the announcement of Handing Over dates, the Residents should form an Association well in advance before the end of maintenance period by the company and has to decide further on maintenance.
12. What will be the UDS for a 1000 sq ft apartment?
We have worked out the details of UDS for every apartment. For instance, the UDS for a 1000 sq ft. will be 488 sq. ft. UDS will be 48.8% of the size of the apartment.
13. What are the specifications?
All details are provided in our project brochure. If you can spare 10 minutes of your time & drop in to our office, we can share all the details. Alternatively you can click the link here to view the specifications.
14. When is the project completion date?
Our project is expected to be completed in 24 months + a grace period of 3 months from the date of commencement of construction.
15. Are your apartments Vaastu compliant?
It will be 60% to 80% Vaastu compliant.
16. What are the schools and college near to Coromandel Enclave?
There are 5 schools located in & around our project which are within the 20 min drive distance.

• GRG School - 2.4 km - 6 mins
• Alvernia School -5.4 km -10 mins
• Carmel Garden School - 6.8 km - 14 mins
• Stanes Higher Secondary School - 8.2 km - 16 mins
• St. Francis Anglo Indian Girls High School - 9 km - 16 mins

There are around 7 colleges located within the 20 min drive from Coromandel Enclave, they are

• Coimbatore Medical College - 3 km - 4 mins
• Coimbatore Institute of Technology - 3.2 km - 7 mins
• GRD College of science - 4.3 km - 9 mins
• PSG College of arts & science - 4.4 km - 8 mins
• PSG College of Technology / PSG IM - 3.8 km - 9 mins
• PSG Medical College - 3.5 km - 9 mins • SNR College - 5.8 km - 12 mins

17. Which are the hospitals located near to Coromandel Enclave?
There are 9 hospitals located within the vicinity of Coromandel Enclave, which are as follows

• CMC Hospital - 3 km - 4 mins
• PSG Hospital - 3.5 km - 9 mins
• Aravind Eye Hospital - 4.3 km - 6 mins
• KMCH Hospital - 5.3 km -9 mins
• GEM Hospital - 6.6 km - 10 mins
• GKNM Hospital - 6.9 km - 14 mins
• Sri Ramakrishna Hospital - 7 km - 15 mins
• KG Hospital - 8.4 km - 15 mins

18. What is the provision for Water Supply?
Ground Water is the source for water supply, five bore wells & a Water Treatment Plant will be provided to meet the requirement. Corporation water is also available but it can be availed by applying through your Association, after the first payment of your property tax to the Corporation.
19. Can I modify the internal structure?
The Project has been designed keeping in mind maximum utilization of living space & minimizing the dead space, the designs are extremely user friendly. You can see to that there is no need for customization & is a well-planned and expert design.
20. What is the provision for power supply?
All Apartments & Villaments are provided with 3 Phase EB connections also we provide with 1500 Watts DG backup for each unit. The Common area lightings, lifts & pumps have a DG back up for your convenience.
21. Do you have any home loan arrangements for your project?
We are in the process of getting the approval from all major banks like AXIS, SBI, HDFC & LICHFL.
22. If I book now when can I register my apartment?
Our payment schedule is linked with the progress of construction and once you make 45 % payment within the stipulated timeline, you can register your apartment.
23. Where is the Sub - Registrar office located?
The Sub - Registrar office for this project is located at Chinthamani Pudur.
24. What are the formalities for booking an apartment at Coromandel Enclave?
Once you have chosen your apartment, you need to fill up a booking form and pay an advance of Rs. 2 lakh for Apartments & Rs. 5 Lakhs for Villament favoring ”India Cements Infrastructures Limited”. The remaining portion of the 20% less advance should be paid within 30 days from the date of booking the apartment.
25. What are the cancellation charges, if in case if I decide to with draw?
In case of cancellation before signing the agreement, we would be deducting 25% of the booking amount towards cancellation charges and the balance would be refunded within 90 working days. If agreement is signed the cancellation charge will be 15% of the apartment / Villament cost.
26. How many lifts will be provided in a block?
Each Villament block will have 1 lift. In Apartment block we are providing 3 lifts.
27. What is the percentage of Open area versus the Constructed area?
The Open area will be 60 Percent & the Constructed area will be 40 percent.
28. What are your other charges?
The breakup of other charges will be as follows

• Rs. 1.5 Lakh for apartment car parks
• Rs. 2 Lakh for Villament car parks
• Water , EB & Sewerage charges Rs. 1.25 Lakhs for Apartment & Rs. 1.5 Lakhs for villament
• Legal charges Rs.25000
• Corpus Fund Rs.75000
• Club membership Rs. 2 Lakh

29. Do all the Apartments have a balcony?
Yes each and every apartment comes with a balcony leading from the dining room.
30. Do all the Villaments have a double height balcony?
Yes each and every villament comes with a double height balcony.
31. Do all the Villaments have a Deck Garden?
Only few villaments is designed with Deck Garden. (Block C, D & E).
32. Do all the Villaments have a Stilt Garden?
Only Triplex Villaments will have a stilt garden.
33. Do all the Villaments have a Service yard?
Only few villaments is designed with service yard.
34. Is your project constructed as per the seismic specifications to withstand earth quake?
Yes, the structural design is done according to seismic zone-3.
35. Are lofts provided in the Apartments/Villaments?
Yes, lofts provided only in the kitchen.
36. How is the Kitchen designed?
It is designed to a modular kitchen compatible.
37. What is the height of the ceiling?
The floor to ceiling height is 3m (Approximately 10 Ft.).
38. What is the distance between the blocks?
The distance between a block to block is 20’.
39. What is the width of driving way?
The width of Main drive Way is 20’ and the width of internal drive way is 15’.
40. What is the Road Width of Srinivasan garden extension?
The Road width is 30’.
41. What will be the size of the swimming pool?
The size of the swimming pool will be 12m x 6m. Toddlers pool (2'-0") as part of the main pool (4'-0").
42. Why do you collect Corpus Fund?
The Corpus fund is collected towards the maintenance of the entire project in the event of any repairs or upgrades this fund shall be used. The fund will be maintained in a separate interest bearing account and part of the maintenance will be funded. After the formation of Association the corpus fund will be transferred to the bank account opened by the association.
43. Can we buy a flat & not take a club membership?
It’s mandatory to take up a club membership which cost only Rs.2 Lakh/-which I am sure that is very less for the kind of facilities we offer.